Maybe you're a baller and no one knows it.  You walk into a room and for some reason no one realizes you're in the motherf***n' house. We have the answer for you. The Hypeman Experience. We follow you around hyping your every move. You are awesome. It's about time the world realizes it. Order a vanilla latte and your boys yell "Yeah boy!!" Announce yourself in the conference call and your posse yells "Jason from accounting. Represent!!!" Throw down a dope powerpoint slide and your Hypemen high five and yell "That's what I'm talking about!!!!" Half day and full day packages available. Get it for your boss. Or get it for your friend who has misplaced his SWAG. Starting a new job and want your coworkers to know you're the man? Going on a blind date and need a little extra confidence? Bring along your Hypemen and she'll know you're a boss.